Piano Concerto

1. Movement 1 Allegro Molto 
2. Movement 2 Calypso
3. Movement 3  Finale

(c) 2002 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

Sonate voor Piano
1. Allegro
2. Adagio
3. Con Moto

Dance of Jay

Minimal Music with an ensemble of an Accordeon, 2 Clarinets, Violin and Timpani

(c) 2001 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

Chanson the Geste

This is a Concertante version of approx 23 minutes of the Ballet Chanson de Geste.

1. Pan's Call 
2. The Troubadour
3. Pan's Call
4. In Arcadia Sum
5. Pan's Call 
6. Adonai's lament
7. The Secret
8. Pan's Call
9. The Jester

(c) 2008 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

Orchestral work in the form of a fugue to a Dutch folksong, originally to a theme by W.A. Mozart.


(c) 2023 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

De tuinman en de Dood.

The work is based on a Poem by P.N. van Eyck. A gardener sees Death appearing and decided to flee to some far off place to escape death. But Death was scheduled to take him there. 

(c) 2020 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved


De Opening Chorus of a nine song cycle 'Night and Day of a firefly' on poems by Rosalie Carey. 

This opening is done here entirely instrumental.

(c) 2006 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved


Compositie op een thema van Peter Snoei, geschreven na het schrijven van een begeleiding voor zijn lied..

(c) 2022 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

Baroque for Strings

Een fugue for three string sections.


(c) 2003 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved

The Rose

When I lived in New Zealand I once was invited by Judith Sleavin and her Partner, where they told me the story of Judith's boat trip with her husband Michael and two children Benjamin and Annie Rose. During a storm she lost all three... I was so touched, that I wrote a song (piano version).


(c) 2007 Art Zegelaar all rights reserved


L.I.F.E. in Bits 

a Modern Masque
Chamber Opera for 4 classical en 4 pop singers with dance

and diversity of styles of music. (study in style composition). 

(c) 2000 Art Zegelaar, all rights reserved

Aeon is een compositie van 8 blazers en percussie.
deel 1.  Creation
deel 2.  Civilization
deel 3.  War

deel 4.  Feast



Een compositie voor Viola en Piano. Modal Music.